About me

Hi there,

Glad you’ve popped by. Allow me to share something about myself and the pilgrim way with you.

I’m a devotional loving, contemplative kind of person with four decades of faith and adult life experience. Three values that summarize how I view and approach life could be stated as my having a courageous Christianity, a considerate humanity, and a connective community. What those look like, at different times and places in my life journey, varies. But they are consistent, in one form or another, across its lengthening arc and curves.

I find it a most remarkable thing to be a pilgrim in this ‘wayfaring land’ that is our home, but not.

Perhaps remarkable is not the right word. It’s a perplexing thing, it’s a difficult thing, it’s a “trusted” thing. Our Father trusts us to steward what He gives us, be it talent or trouble, love or loss, laughter or loneliness. And a host of other things. He trusts us to steward them well within the framework and life contexts given to each of us. Which includes our health (or lack of it) our place in history (this time, this country) our state in life (married, single, divorced) our physical-mental make up (both intriguing and frustrating) the families we came from and even the churches, theologies, and friends that come our way (or not) and shape us.

It’s also a remarkable thing to belong to the one God who spoke creation into existence. And then went out of His way (in one of the most fabulous historical stories ever) to give us a full written account—his biography if you willof his tragic love story with us all. Tragic and paradoxical and mysterious and powerful, that writing account is.

It’s remarkable too that he’s given us authority to speak words (and what worlds of horror or beauty, kindness or curse, we can achieve through their use) and desire to record our stories too. I believe God is a God who loves stories. Great, true, pulsating, faith-breathed stories that reflect anything of His goodness, His character, or His ways. And that show the intersection of these with our own or others lives.

Story-telling is an ancient art that has preserved and shaped cultures from the beginning of time. For me, much of my faith is contained, interpreted, and understood from within the context of story. And my own story is that of a small life on a great (sometimes terrible) life pilgrimage. I journey with the high God of heaven, the God I love and trust—most of the time. It’s a journey undertaken with Him, by Him, and to Him. That is, he is alongside me. He initiates, enables and sustains this journey. And he is its ultimate destination and its highest honor.

I’m currently writing my pilgrimage memoirs. And I’m deeply looking forward to sharing these because. . . well. . . because God’s breath and life is so infused into them. And where ever His life is, I am deeply thankful. And often wondrously touched.

God’s gives each of us gifts in this life to share. My gift is my story—the one branded and forged into my life. Written all over and all through it. Such stories are worth telling, reading, sharing. Not just mine, but others too. Because of his life, his beauty, and his breath that exists in the midst of these. Making them holy things.

May you be blessed by your visit here. And may the great good God of heaven and earth smile upon your life, filling it with something of Himself too.

For we are all pilgrims in a foreign land, all of us journeying on our way back home to God.

This is one of my favorite versions of Wayfaring Stranger.
Trace Adkins during the Johnny Cash tribute, 2011 GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame.