This site’s mission is to share the essence of a pilgrim journeyer’s mindset as reflected through my own and others life stories.

The pilgrim mindset belongs to someone who knows God exists. And they suspect or have come to believe that He is worth seeking, knowing, trusting and following with the whole of their life. And the whole of their heart too. They may be in the midst of discovering what this will look like for them; they may be well on the way in their pilgrimage journey; or they may be in a season of rest or recovery after an intense stretch on their pilgrim path.

Whatever launch or journey point they’re at, this one thing is sure—their hearts beat for the glory and the love of God. Or its innate DNA is such that it will, one day.

What the pilgrim journeying life looks like, for any of us, can vary greatly. It may look like a life devoted to social justice and activism. It may look like a heart given over to contemplative prayer and intercession. It may even be a hidden life of suffering, offered up in quiet worship. The list is endless as to what shape, size, and contours the pilgrim path may take on, for you or for me, at any time.

And the specific aspects of ‘the what or the where’ are not so much the point as is ‘the how’. It is how a person does their life here, during their earthen side of eternity, that distinguishes it as a pilgrimage journey. And them, as a pilgrim journeyer.

I look forward to sharing some pilgrimming mindsets and journeys with you, as this site develops.

Thanks for popping by!