Three Journeying Values

Three of the values that summarize how I approach life could be stated as my having a courageous Christianity, a considerate humanity, and a connective community.

Courageous Christianity

It takes phenomenal courage to live in this broken world of ours, including weathering the brokenness in ourselves as well as in our families and our communities. And to do so while maintaining a persevering, hopeful, and overcoming faith.

“To him who overcomes. . . “

Considerate Humanity

The nature of humanness, with all it’s unpredictability, fragility, and limitations, requires ongoing patience and steadfast kindness extended towards one another. And these, often blended with humility, forbearance, and the coveted “wisdom from above. . . .”

“The wisdom from above is first pure, peaceable. . .”

Connective Community

Though we live in a broken world and are not unfamiliar with relational limitations and hindrances ( our own and others), as Christians we have full access and free life time membership into the most incredible community ever: the corporate and local Body of Christ.

Where ever we find her – in all of her lustre beauty and her inevitable shortcomings  – we find L I F E. The kind of Life that’s meant to sustain us in our journey through this world and that’s made to help mature and develop us into the best version of ourselves. Our hearts are formed to beat for God’s glory, our minds are uniquely shaped to live for Christ’s honour, and our souls are gifted to live by the power of His Spirit.

There’s no higher version of selfhood possible. Amazingly, it becomes ours within and alongside this heavenly collective who takes her place in this broken world of ours.

“. . . Created for His glory . . .”
“New heavens, new earth. . .” 

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